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Reflection on Meeting Myself – 24 Years Later

On a recent Saturday afternoon my kids were getting antsy, and as we watched the temperatures remain far below freezing, they turned to the bookshelf to see if they could find anything interesting.  Before I knew it, my Randallstown High School yearbook was placed in my lap and they asked me to tell them about [...]

2017-04-22T22:36:40-04:00Mar 5, 2015|

UX Careers Handbook: March Update

It’s been only a little over two months since I announced that I’d be starting on a new journey writing a book about UX careers - in fact, the first book that comprehensively covers the broad umbrella that makes up this hot career field since, well, ever. Thank you so much for all the support! In [...]

2017-04-22T22:36:54-04:00Mar 2, 2015|Tags: , |

UXPA President’s Corner Blog: A Year of Changes

When I accepted the position of president for 2014, I could never have guessed what this year had in store for the organization.  It has been quite a year: a year with some surprises and a number of changes as we assessed how and where we needed to adjust for long-term sustainability.  While the board [...]

2017-04-22T22:37:00-04:00Dec 7, 2014|Tags: , |

Teaching Basics of UX/Career Adventure: What Are The Required Skills?

Note: The basic tenants of a “UX adventure” are covered in more detail in the UX Magazine article: UX Adventure: Enhance your resume, improve your career potential, and feel the excitement!   In London this past week at the UXPA 2014 conference the closing keynote speaker, Anna Kirah, made the comment “If we’re going to solve [...]

2017-04-22T22:36:43-04:00Aug 1, 2014|Tags: , , , |

UX Magazine – Go Ahead, White-Label Your Services

While “white-labeling” has been associated most commonly with limited-edition musical recordings, it has also come to refer to a situation where a product or service is provided to a company and that company then sells that product or service under their own brand. For a UX freelancer, this means simultaneously maintaining a personal identity as [...]

2017-04-22T22:36:58-04:00Jul 18, 2014|Tags: , , , |

Nonsensical UX: The Strange Case of an Elevator Touch Screen

My flight arrived into Boston right on time, and I smoothly made it to the hotel with plenty of time to spare before my first participant was to arrive for some conference usability test sessions.  I used the time to check into my hotel room and was assigned to the 33rd floor.  Nice – I’d [...]

2017-04-22T22:36:32-04:00Jun 25, 2014|

How sophisticated should your usability test participants be?

Recently I had the opportunity to do a usability test for a client that had previously used another vendor to conduct their research.  As we were working together to develop screening categories for the study, we discussed the technological sophistication of their users. They knew that while some of their users were expected to have [...]

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Everyone can use a mentor

As a senior in college in 1994, I started my first job in my existing career pathway.  I got an internship with a relatively new company, Man-Made Systems (later known as UserWorks), as a human factors engineer, doing today what would be termed user research and evaluation of websites and software applications.  As soon as [...]

2017-04-22T22:36:21-04:00Jun 9, 2014|Tags: , |

UX Magazine – The Hidden Value of UX Connectors and the Future of Our Community

I was in Austin, Texas recently and, following the rules of UX Adventure, I took the opportunity to coordinate with some Austin UXers to meet at a local bar. On the day of the meetup, I checked my Twitter account and noticed that our rendezvous had been tweeted by something called “AustinUX.org.” I didn’t give [...]

2017-04-22T22:36:58-04:00Apr 10, 2014|Tags: , , , |

Quirk’s Marketing Research Media – What Qualitative and UX Researchers Can Learn From Each Other

Article Abstract: This article focuses on how user experience research is unique in the marketing research space and why qualitative researchers must understand the differences to succeed in usability testing. While both marketing research and user experience (UX) research certainly add commercial value, marketing research is focused on getting the right product sold with the [...]

2014-03-24T16:41:18-04:00Mar 24, 2014|Tags: , , |

Focus Groups are useful for UX research – to a point

Focus groups, often maligned within the field of user experience for not being able to get the “right” information, are actually a great way to collect information.   But as a tool, the value of focus groups is limited to only certain types of information gathering.  A problem I’ve seen is that the use of focus [...]

2017-04-22T22:36:23-04:00Mar 13, 2014|Tags: |

UXmatters – Lessons from Disaster Research

When the life-threatening catastrophe Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeastern United States, proper disaster preparedness and disaster response and the subsequent recovery all depended on people having a good user experience with Web and mobile information resources. These resources provided information that helped people to prepare for the disaster and, subsequently, let them apply for recovery [...]

2017-04-22T22:37:00-04:00Mar 10, 2014|Tags: , , |

GIANT UX Blog – UX Is Community

By definition, user experience is about understanding people in order to improve products and services. The term “user experience” is an umbrella term (not the only one, but seemingly the most popular one these days) used to encompass a variety of related career tracks, from those related to design, to research, to content and organization. [...]

2015-05-13T10:32:18-04:00Mar 3, 2014|Tags: , |

UXmatters – Are You Ready to Be an Independent UX Consultant?

For most of my career as a UX consultant, I have worked full time on some company’s payroll. A number of years back, one very large consulting organization hired me for a 6-month, full-time gig, working on site for a client. When, at the appointed time, the project concluded successfully, the consulting firm didn’t immediately [...]

2014-03-10T08:17:03-04:00Jan 27, 2014|Tags: , , , |

Diversify Your User Experience Career

Investors are advised to make sure that they have diversity in their portfolio. By diversifying into multiple types of investments and different kinds of industries, there is a safety in knowing that if one type of investment fails, there are other investments that will still succeed. The same is true for User Experience (UX) professionals. [...]

2017-04-22T22:36:18-04:00Dec 16, 2013|Tags: , , , |

The Mash-It-Up Expert Review: Training and Analysis Combined

Up until recently, if a client wanted a heuristic or "expert" review, I would frequently offer a nicely formatted Word report, organized by general topic area, including a description of each issue, screen shots and recommendation call-outs. Simultaneously, I have also conducted many training sessions over the years, and I have amassed hundreds of PowerPoint [...]

2017-04-22T22:36:45-04:00Dec 3, 2013|Tags: , , |

Assessing Mobile Accessibility for Screen Readers

I’ve had several projects lately where I needed to check that a particular resource was accessible on a mobile device for people with disabilities, particularly those who use built-in screen reader software. Given that it has been possible to create accessible mobile-friendly webpages and apps for several years now, it’s surprising how little has been [...]

2014-02-13T08:42:59-05:00Oct 28, 2013|Tags: , , |

My Most Memorable Usability Test Participants

I’ve been working with participants in usability studies and other research for nearly 20 years now. I’ve met a myriad of interesting people: some had backgrounds or interests similar to my own, and others had vastly different backgrounds. I have learned a great deal from these interactions, even beyond the project at hand. There have [...]

2017-04-22T22:36:32-04:00Oct 18, 2013|Tags: |

Create Your UX News Feed

I’ve been an avid reader of RSS feeds for many years and use a number of RSS feeds to stay on top of things in the UX world. If you’re not familiar with RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, it represents a data feed. With a single URL, you can subscribe to a news or other [...]

2017-04-22T22:36:16-04:00Sep 4, 2013|Tags: |

UX Magazine – These Are My People: The Value in UX Organizations

While at the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) International conference last month in Washington, D.C., I spent a lot of time talking with attendees. I heard all sort of interesting things there, but one simple comment resonated with me: as an attendee looked around the room, she exclaimed: “These are my people!” I realized that [...]

2017-04-22T22:36:55-04:00Aug 21, 2013|Tags: , , , , , |

User Experience Blogging Benefits: A retrospective

This blog entry was updated on 10/22/13. It has been nearly three years since, on a whim, I started my DC Usability blog. This was the first time that I had ever tried to maintain a regular stream of entries. While sometimes it has been relatively easy to both come up with topics and write [...]

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Lebsontech LLC: Keeping it in the Family

When I started Lebsontech in 1997, it was a frame for some side work that I was already doing. It was only set up for me, and I never intended it to be otherwise. By 2008, I had grown tired of being a W-2 employee and decided to take the plunge to exclusive independent consulting. [...]

2017-04-22T22:36:30-04:00Apr 7, 2013|

UX Magazine – UX Adventure: Enhance your resume, improve your career potential, and feel the excitement!

For many of us who have UX careers, it's likely that we find numerous aspects of our work pretty exciting. But exciting work will always wax and wane as UX projects come and go. While your salary may be constant, you may not always enjoy the projects that you are working on. The good news [...]

2014-08-01T08:10:06-04:00Mar 22, 2013|Tags: , , , , , |

User Experience Magazine – Care About Your UX Career? Network Now!

Networking is critical regardless of what your career is. That said, by definition user experience is centered on understanding people: the people we design for, the people that participate in our research studies, and the people that ultimately use our end products. Give your UX peers the opportunity to get to know you and, at [...]

2014-03-05T13:20:10-05:00Mar 1, 2013|Tags: , , , , |

Staying Under the Radar: A Business Strategy

I met someone recently who is a consultant at a large organization. We started talking about our various consulting efforts, and I mentioned that I do a lot of work with government agencies. “Oh,” he said, “does that mean you are on the GSA schedule?” I explained that I am not. When I mentioned that [...]

2017-04-22T22:36:42-04:00Feb 25, 2013|Tags: , |

Come join me on a UX adventure in 2013!

Update 3/29/13: This blog was the basis for: Article: Lebson, Cory. 2013. "UX Adventure: Enhance your resume, improve your career potential, and feel the excitement!" UX Magazine, Article No. 983. March 22, 2013. Radio Show: Lebson, Cory.  2013. "How to Turn your Tech Career into an Adventure!" IMI Tech Talk (KFNX News-talk Radio 1100, Phoenix, [...]

2014-08-01T08:10:37-04:00Nov 26, 2012|Tags: , , , |

Intercom Magazine – Making Usability a Priority: Advocating for the Value of User Research

As a consultant specializing in user research, studying how users interact with Web and mobile resources, I wish I could give my clients a short contract to sign promising that if they work with me, they will definitely incorporate usability into their project. They will listen to my suggestions and they will follow through with [...]

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