How to win my (freelancer) heart

2019-09-18T12:12:19-04:00Sep 18, 2019|

I’ll give you all the details in a moment, but I have lots of time from the remainder of September onward for new project work. TL; DR: As long as work fits within my existing skillset, I look for UX work that is high on adventure, that lets me interact with a variety of people in [...]

In-person and remote interactions are not equal

2019-09-12T08:23:25-04:00Sep 12, 2019|

Before saying anything else, I want to be clear that I’m biased. I love in-person interactions with people. Whether it’s user research or just working with colleagues, I’ll go the extra mile or two or a thousand (really!) to get in-person face time. There is a richness of interaction, of communication that comes from the sync [...]

Evolution of user research jobs

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When I started in user research in 1994 I was titled a “human factors engineer” although I did neither human factors as we’d understand it today nor any kind of engineering. I’ve been privileged to watch user research evolve and grow and grow and grow some more as a profession sitting under the broad umbrella [...]

Observing Usability Studies: A Guide for Stakeholders

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One of the most exciting things for me when doing user research is having opportunities to interact with both stakeholders and participants in person. Thus, I gravitate to the kinds of projects where these interactions occur. Most frequently, at least some of the stakeholders who are involved in the product design attend the usability test [...]

Be prepared for the cadence of freelance work

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Work flow was good… Four weeks ago I was feeling pretty confident about the remainder of 2017. A client had locked in the last week of November for an international usability study and another client sounded reasonably confident that they’d want a large three-part local usability study immediately after, before their 2017 funds expired. I [...]

What Does it Mean to be a Junior or a Senior UX Professional?

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It was the end of 1994 and fresh out of college, I was hired for my first UX role as a research consultant. I proudly started out in the workforce as a “human factors engineer.” In today’s parlance, I was neither doing human factors nor anything related to engineering, but the evolution of UX terminology [...]

Should freelancers respond to RFPs?

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For the most part, my user research and evaluation freelance work comes through referrals. That means I spend my business development time on being visible and present in the UX/tech world, and then work comes through either people who know me personally or who refer me to others who need user research support. After the [...]

Accessibility: Who tweets about it and what hashtags do they use?

2017-04-26T21:02:53-04:00Apr 13, 2017|Tags: , |

Earlier this week, I explained how a new client, George Washington University Libraries, provided me with access to data from their tool, Social Feed Manager (SFM), to better understand how user experience hashtags are being used. Check out that prior post about user experience hashtags for further information on the background of this analysis. In [...]

Research Recruitment Fail! Now what?

2017-04-22T22:36:42-04:00Apr 3, 2017|Tags: , |

I largely do user experience (UX) research activities such as usability testing, cognitive walkthroughs, ethnography, interviews and focus groups all centered around how users and potential users would interact with existing, updated and new interfaces. Sessions and activities are typically scheduled to last about an hour for each participant. Like my marketing research colleagues, I [...]

The UX of Swimming with an Apple Watch: What’s it like and how can it improve?

2017-04-22T22:36:45-04:00Mar 6, 2017|Tags: |

As someone immersed in technology both personally and professionally, I was a relative latecomer to smartwatch ownership. I had played with smartwatches, but I always found them too sluggish, not good enough as fitness trackers, not waterproof, or lacking their own data connection, particularly if not intimately integrated with my iPhone. I bided my time [...]

Should you do UX work in the Federal government when you don’t agree politically?

2017-04-24T17:23:39-04:00Mar 1, 2017|Tags: , , , |

For much of my UX career, I’ve been pretty solidly tied to the Washington DC region. While I’ve never committed to any one specific industry, just given the amount of Federal UX work that has been available locally, Federal-related contracts have been responsible for a decent percentage of my overall consulting revenue. Although I’ve been [...]

Recording for Learning: My lessons learned & a glimpse behind the scenes

2017-04-22T22:36:39-04:00Feb 24, 2017|Tags: , , , |

Right at the anniversary of my first / LinkedIn Learning course, I had the opportunity to head out once again to sunny Carpinteria, California. I got to record two new courses, both focused on a topic near to my heart - being a freelancer! My first course, Planning a Career in User Experience (UX), [...]

Freelancers Onboarding Freelancers

2017-06-23T11:37:36-04:00Oct 31, 2016|Tags: , , |

I’ve enjoyed working as a freelancer for the past 8 years and have largely found that I can maintain a workload that matches what can be done by myself and Edie (the second person on my two-person team). Occasionally, however, the workload goes beyond what two people can do, and at those points I have [...]

How to create a culture of accessibility

2017-04-22T22:36:28-04:00Aug 30, 2016|Tags: , |

I was recently asked by a UX colleague how he might be able to incorporate accessibility into his company’s organizational culture. Although he felt personally that accessibility was very important and even had the budget to hire staff that was knowledgeable in principles of accessibility, he was still working through how, exactly, to make his [...]

Aquent Blog – UX Careers and Artificial Intelligence

2017-04-22T22:36:13-04:00Apr 1, 2016|Tags: , |

If you have seen “careers” and “artificial intelligence” in the same sentence, it’s likely because there is yet another article wondering whether certain jobs will soon be done faster and more reliably by an intelligent algorithm. Employers who hire UX professionals needn’t worry about their staff being replaced by programmed intelligence any time in the [...]

Why UX Careers are Like Cheesecake: Book Cover Revealed!

2017-04-24T17:21:19-04:00Feb 18, 2016|Tags: |

As I considered the cover of the forthcoming UX Careers Handbook (and as a researcher myself), I did a review of the construction of other UX books to see how others had constructed their covers. A number of book covers only had stylized text. Others had a small and symbolic graphic representing a person, a [...]

Is bigger better when you’re a freelancer?

2017-06-23T11:37:50-04:00Jan 14, 2016|Tags: , , |

As a user experience (UX) consultant/freelancer with a small business, whenever there is a new project opportunity, I need to decide whether or not to accept the project. I have to think about how well the project fits with the existing skillset and schedule for myself and one staff person, as well as consider the [...]

Getting close! A UX Careers Handbook Update

2017-04-22T22:36:24-04:00Jul 14, 2015|Tags: , |

Although I announced that I was writing a UX Careers Handbook in mid-December 2014, it wasn’t until mid-January that I actually started putting the virtual pen to paper and writing the book. I’m excited to say that two weeks ago—five months and 82,000 words later—I turned the final manuscript over to the publisher! While the [...]

Politically Sensitive UX Issues

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While I’m aware that politically insensitive writing often generates way more discussion than writing that walks a political middle ground, I have always tried to keep my blog posts and articles appropriately balanced and written in such a way that nobody in the mainstream will find them offensive. As the body of text that will [...]

Reflection on Meeting Myself – 24 Years Later

2017-04-22T22:36:40-04:00Mar 5, 2015|

On a recent Saturday afternoon my kids were getting antsy, and as we watched the temperatures remain far below freezing, they turned to the bookshelf to see if they could find anything interesting.  Before I knew it, my Randallstown High School yearbook was placed in my lap and they asked me to tell them about [...]

UX Careers Handbook: March Update

2017-04-22T22:36:54-04:00Mar 2, 2015|Tags: , |

It’s been only a little over two months since I announced that I’d be starting on a new journey writing a book about UX careers - in fact, the first book that comprehensively covers the broad umbrella that makes up this hot career field since, well, ever. Thank you so much for all the support! In [...]

UXPA President’s Corner Blog: A Year of Changes

2017-04-22T22:37:00-04:00Dec 7, 2014|Tags: , |

When I accepted the position of president for 2014, I could never have guessed what this year had in store for the organization.  It has been quite a year: a year with some surprises and a number of changes as we assessed how and where we needed to adjust for long-term sustainability.  While the board [...]