When I started Lebsontech in 1997, it was a frame for some side work that I was already doing. It was only set up for me, and I never intended it to be otherwise. By 2008, I had grown tired of being a W-2 employee and decided to take the plunge to exclusive independent consulting. Still I did not intend for Lebsontech to include anyone else. Rapidly, however, it became clear that I needed a little extra help to keep up with the work that quickly started flowing in.

My sister, Edie, and I had both been interested in research for a long time. While I was more interested in the social-scientific perspective, a frame for the usability research I had been doing for a number of years, she had taken a biological research route. We also both enjoyed writing, within our various disciplines. In 2008, after taking off from work for several years to spend time with her young children, she decided to try something new and apply her research and writing skills to user research with Lebsontech, only a few months after I had turned it into a full-time business.

Meanwhile, my wife, Aviva, had been involved in education and training for her entire career; the last few years had been on the management side of things. By 2010, however, she was ready to try something new as well. She came onboard to Lebsontech full-time and was quickly inundated with work, much of which ended up synching very well with her own background in training, in writing and in management.

An older man who lives on my street came over one day in 2010 to deliver some misdirected mail. We chat every now and then, and he asked how things had been going for us. “Good,” I told him, “Aviva is now working full-time for Lebsontech.” He paused, frowned, and said “You know, husbands and wives should not be working together. It’s bad for your marriage.” When I relayed this advice to Aviva, she commented, “Um, I think raising children together is far harder than working together!”

I’d describe our current corporate arrangement as very comfortable for all three of us, efficient and effective. I feel very lucky to not only be able to have a job that I very much enjoy but to have the opportunity to do it with family.

Image Courtesy of hobbit / Shutterstock