Learn more about our UX training, mentoring and event offerings.

Pricing Formula

As a speaker, panelist, event organizer, instructor/trainer, mentor, etc.

1. Base event/training costs + 2. Supplemental event/training costs + 3. Location-based costs

In addition, reimbursement is invoiced at-cost for direct travel expenses, printing costs, and any other expenses that are agreed upon in advance. Please contact us to finalize any costs associated with an event.

1. Base Event/Training Costs

Public events are events that are promoted publically with a public registration option. (Range: $0 – $500)

  • Events of less than 3 hours with minimal preparation: $500
  • Meetups with minimal or no event registration fees: No base event cost

Private events and training can be under the Lebsontech brand or white-labeled. (Range: $0 – $2,000/day)

  • If using our existing training modules: $1,200 for up to half a day; $2,000 for up to a full day
  • If not using our existing modules (also including in-house training, mentoring): No base event cost

2. Supplemental Event/Training Costs

This can be priced as a fixed fee or hourly and is based on a rate of $150/hour. Contact us to figure this out together.)

  • Public events: Additional event time beyond 3 hours or additional involvement with event preparation
  • Private events and training: Customization of existing material, development of new materials, training with these new materials and/or mentoring of staff

3. Location-based Costs

(Range: $0 – $2,000 + direct travel expenses)

  • Greater DC area or events/work that are tacked onto existing travel: No location-based cost
  • On-site in nearby direct-travel cities (such as Atlanta, New York, Boston, Chicago, etc.): $1,200
  • On-site in other US-based cities: $1,500
  • On-site when outside of the United States: $2,000

Sample Cost Calculations

  • Speaking at a public Meetup in DC (or in a city where we are already going to be): $0 + $0 + $0 = No cost
  • Being a panelist at a public event in New York City with minimal preparation: $0 + $0 + $1,200 = $1,200*
  • Teaching a full-day training workshop in Boston using existing training modules: $2,000 + $0 + $1,200 = $3,200*
  • Four half-days of on-site custom training/mentoring in San Francisco without using existing modules: $0 + $150*16 +$1,500 = $3,900*

*Reimbursement for direct travel expenses are additional to these sample costs.