Schedule On-Demand Consult with Cory

  • Limited design critiques – Collaborative reviews assessing how to make things as easy to use as possible for intended audience groups

  • Research methods – Discussion of your UX research goals and plans, screeners and scripts

  • UX advice for employers – Recruiting and hiring strategies, job descriptions, reviews of potential applicants; needs of existing staff

  • UX careers – Deeper dive into any UX Careers Handbook topics including resumes and portfolios and getting into freelancing

  • Anything that you want to talk through or learn about!

Please email with any questions or if you want to discuss future projects, schedule further than 10 days out or plan for bigger efforts (including in-person research and evaluation!)

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  • 30 minutes


  • 1 hour


  • 2 hours

Existing user research clients can alternatively schedule with regular (lower rate) monthly invoicing (password required)

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