Accessibility: Who tweets about it and what hashtags do they use?

Earlier this week, I explained how a new client, George Washington University Libraries, provided me with access to data from their tool, Social Feed Manager (SFM), to better understand how user experience hashtags are being used. Check out that prior post about user experience hashtags for further information on the background of this analysis. In [...]

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How to create a culture of accessibility

I was recently asked by a UX colleague how he might be able to incorporate accessibility into his company’s organizational culture. Although he felt personally that accessibility was very important and even had the budget to hire staff that was knowledgeable in principles of accessibility, he was still working through how, exactly, to make his [...]

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Assessing Mobile Accessibility for Screen Readers

I’ve had several projects lately where I needed to check that a particular resource was accessible on a mobile device for people with disabilities, particularly those who use built-in screen reader software. Given that it has been possible to create accessible mobile-friendly webpages and apps for several years now, it’s surprising how little has been [...]

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