The UX of Swimming with an Apple Watch: What’s it like and how can it improve?

As someone immersed in technology both personally and professionally, I was a relative latecomer to smartwatch ownership. I had played with smartwatches, but I always found them too sluggish, not good enough as fitness trackers, not waterproof, or lacking their own data connection, particularly if not intimately integrated with my iPhone. I bided my time [...]

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The Mash-It-Up Expert Review: Training and Analysis Combined

Up until recently, if a client wanted a heuristic or "expert" review, I would frequently offer a nicely formatted Word report, organized by general topic area, including a description of each issue, screen shots and recommendation call-outs. Simultaneously, I have also conducted many training sessions over the years, and I have amassed hundreds of PowerPoint [...]

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Assessing Mobile Accessibility for Screen Readers

I’ve had several projects lately where I needed to check that a particular resource was accessible on a mobile device for people with disabilities, particularly those who use built-in screen reader software. Given that it has been possible to create accessible mobile-friendly webpages and apps for several years now, it’s surprising how little has been [...]

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How well do they listen? Results of a meta-analysis of usability recommendations

A long-term Lebsontech client asked me to report on how often my usability recommendations were followed. The truth is, I didn’t really know. I had done research on a number of different sub-sites for this client and produced a ton of reports. While I had certainly kept tabs on some of those sites, in other [...]

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On Heuristic Reviews and Checklists

One of the most cost effective ways to evaluate a site is to do a heuristic review. A heuristic review is a systematic evaluation where the site is examined by one or more evaluators against a checklist of usability principles known as heuristics. There are heuristic lists that are rather general and a bit vague, [...]

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