Teaching Basics of UX/Career Adventure: What Are The Required Skills?

Note: The basic tenants of a “UX adventure” are covered in more detail in the UX Magazine article: UX Adventure: Enhance your resume, improve your career potential, and feel the excitement!   In London this past week at the UXPA 2014 conference the closing keynote speaker, Anna Kirah, made the comment “If we’re going to solve [...]

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GIANT UX Blog – UX Is Community

By definition, user experience is about understanding people in order to improve products and services. The term “user experience” is an umbrella term (not the only one, but seemingly the most popular one these days) used to encompass a variety of related career tracks, from those related to design, to research, to content and organization. [...]

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Diversify Your User Experience Career

Investors are advised to make sure that they have diversity in their portfolio. By diversifying into multiple types of investments and different kinds of industries, there is a safety in knowing that if one type of investment fails, there are other investments that will still succeed. The same is true for User Experience (UX) professionals. [...]

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UX Magazine – These Are My People: The Value in UX Organizations

While at the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) International conference last month in Washington, D.C., I spent a lot of time talking with attendees. I heard all sort of interesting things there, but one simple comment resonated with me: as an attendee looked around the room, she exclaimed: “These are my people!” I realized that [...]

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UX Magazine – UX Adventure: Enhance your resume, improve your career potential, and feel the excitement!

For many of us who have UX careers, it's likely that we find numerous aspects of our work pretty exciting. But exciting work will always wax and wane as UX projects come and go. While your salary may be constant, you may not always enjoy the projects that you are working on. The good news [...]

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User Experience Magazine – Care About Your UX Career? Network Now!

Networking is critical regardless of what your career is. That said, by definition user experience is centered on understanding people: the people we design for, the people that participate in our research studies, and the people that ultimately use our end products. Give your UX peers the opportunity to get to know you and, at [...]

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Staying Under the Radar: A Business Strategy

I met someone recently who is a consultant at a large organization. We started talking about our various consulting efforts, and I mentioned that I do a lot of work with government agencies. “Oh,” he said, “does that mean you are on the GSA schedule?” I explained that I am not. When I mentioned that [...]

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Come join me on a UX adventure in 2013!

Update 3/29/13: This blog was the basis for: Article: Lebson, Cory. 2013. "UX Adventure: Enhance your resume, improve your career potential, and feel the excitement!" UX Magazine, Article No. 983. March 22, 2013. Radio Show: Lebson, Cory.  2013. "How to Turn your Tech Career into an Adventure!" IMI Tech Talk (KFNX News-talk Radio 1100, Phoenix, [...]

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LinkedIn for User Experience Professionals

[Update 3/29/13: This post was part of the basis for Lebson, Cory. "Care About Your UX Career? Network Now!" User Experience Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 1 (First Quarter 2013).] It was 2003 and a good friend from high school who had moved to Japan sent me a LinkedIn invitation. It said that he wanted me [...]

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Professional History and Serendipity

Last week I got to do something very cool. Wearing my hat as the Usability Professionals Association’s DC-chapter president, I got to introduce one of our speakers for the evening, Dr. Kent Norman, the professor at University of Maryland who first got me interested in usability almost 20 years ago. Further, the person that he [...]

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Colleagues or Competitors?

I spoke with a colleague on the phone last week.  We hadn't talked on the phone before but found that we had a lot in common.  We both run small user research firms and both enjoy doing similar kinds of user research.  There was a brief awkward moment when the person said that their company [...]

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