Recording for Learning: My lessons learned & a glimpse behind the scenes

Right at the anniversary of my first / LinkedIn Learning course, I had the opportunity to head out once again to sunny Carpinteria, California. I got to record two new courses, both focused on a topic near to my heart - being a freelancer! My first course, Planning a Career in User Experience (UX), [...]

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Teaching Basics of UX/Career Adventure: What Are The Required Skills?

Note: The basic tenants of a “UX adventure” are covered in more detail in the UX Magazine article: UX Adventure: Enhance your resume, improve your career potential, and feel the excitement!   In London this past week at the UXPA 2014 conference the closing keynote speaker, Anna Kirah, made the comment “If we’re going to solve [...]

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Everyone can use a mentor

As a senior in college in 1994, I started my first job in my existing career pathway.  I got an internship with a relatively new company, Man-Made Systems (later known as UserWorks), as a human factors engineer, doing today what would be termed user research and evaluation of websites and software applications.  As soon as [...]

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The Mash-It-Up Expert Review: Training and Analysis Combined

Up until recently, if a client wanted a heuristic or "expert" review, I would frequently offer a nicely formatted Word report, organized by general topic area, including a description of each issue, screen shots and recommendation call-outs. Simultaneously, I have also conducted many training sessions over the years, and I have amassed hundreds of PowerPoint [...]

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How many trainers does it take to do UX training?

I’ve been teaching usability training workshops for a number of years now, and I invariably prefer a team-teaching approach. However, I was challenged on that principle lately. A client asked why I would suggest two trainers, when I, as a single trainer, should be capable of teaching the entire course myself. Yes, I’m absolutely capable [...]

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Evangelizing Usability at FEMA: Training Those Who Create Disaster-Related Websites

[Update 3/29/13 - This blog has been the basis for: Lebson, Cory. 2011. "The Critical Importance of Web Usability in Disasters: Agency-Wide Efforts to Promote Usability at FEMA (PDF)." International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Bulletin, Vol. 28, No. 11. November, 2011.] Lebsontech has been doing usability work for FEMA since 2008. After having spent [...]

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Experiential Usability Learning

1995 It was January of 1995 and I had just turned 21, graduated college, and pretty much immediately found a job as a “human factors consultant” (for “web usability consultants” would not exist for a few more years). I was content for about 6 months until someone informed me of a new NASA/Boeing Information Systems [...]

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