UXPA President’s Corner Blog: A Year of Changes

When I accepted the position of president for 2014, I could never have guessed what this year had in store for the organization.  It has been quite a year: a year with some surprises and a number of changes as we assessed how and where we needed to adjust for long-term sustainability.  While the board [...]

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UX Magazine – These Are My People: The Value in UX Organizations

While at the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) International conference last month in Washington, D.C., I spent a lot of time talking with attendees. I heard all sort of interesting things there, but one simple comment resonated with me: as an attendee looked around the room, she exclaimed: “These are my people!” I realized that [...]

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User Experience Magazine – Care About Your UX Career? Network Now!

Networking is critical regardless of what your career is. That said, by definition user experience is centered on understanding people: the people we design for, the people that participate in our research studies, and the people that ultimately use our end products. Give your UX peers the opportunity to get to know you and, at [...]

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On Being a Local UX Leader: Lessons Learned

Back in 2008, although I had been involved in what was then UPA as a member who attended events, my only UX leadership role was in the workplace. Upon switching from being an employee to being a business owner in the middle of that year, I realized that I needed something more. With clients that [...]

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