Getting close! A UX Careers Handbook Update

Although I announced that I was writing a UX Careers Handbook in mid-December 2014, it wasn’t until mid-January that I actually started putting the virtual pen to paper and writing the book. I’m excited to say that two weeks ago—five months and 82,000 words later—I turned the final manuscript over to the publisher! While the [...]

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UX Careers Handbook: March Update

It’s been only a little over two months since I announced that I’d be starting on a new journey writing a book about UX careers - in fact, the first book that comprehensively covers the broad umbrella that makes up this hot career field since, well, ever. Thank you so much for all the support! In [...]

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User Experience Blogging Benefits: A retrospective

This blog entry was updated on 10/22/13. It has been nearly three years since, on a whim, I started my DC Usability blog. This was the first time that I had ever tried to maintain a regular stream of entries. While sometimes it has been relatively easy to both come up with topics and write [...]

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Translations and Transitions from English Web Content: Research Findings

A US government agency hired Lebsontech to conduct a focus group to better understand how they should translate and post web content in non-English languages and how they should transition between languages. The focus group participants included people with a specific interest in the agency's content, were bilingual, and were community leaders for US-based communities [...]

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DC Usability

My earliest memories of loving to write were as a 6th grader, deciding one nice spring day to sit alone under a tree during recess and write a short story that I had been contemplating.  I was so wrapped up in penning my story into my notebook that I recall looking up to see that [...]

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