Training & Events

Want to offer the training under your own brand? We are happy to white-label all of our training and activities to allow you to increase your in-house offerings.

Speaking at Events / Event Facilitation

  • Speaking on topics related to both UX methods and careerssee recent articles and talks
  • Creation and facilitation of public and private UX-oriented events of any size, including speaker-led events, panel discussions, UX dinners and meetings, and networking events
  • Promotion of events to our very large UX network

Mentoring: Build Capabilities

  • Hands-on learning for a limited number of staff
  • Several intensive days of mentoring on-site, walking step-by-step through UX activities
  • Optional long-term guidance and support with ongoing consultation

Workshops & Training: Improve Skills

  • Half-day and full-day workshops as well as shorter talks
  • Modular training so you can select modules that are most relevant
  • Optional customization or creation of new materials

User Experience Modules

  • Accessibility (Section 508 and W3C WCAG 2.0) for content contributors
  • Content strategy
  • Design critique methods
  • Including UX in your proposals
  • Information architecture
  • Mobile UX
  • Research & evaluation of web & mobile
  • Translations and internationalization
  • Usability
  • UX advocacy / Institutionalization of UX
  • UX for content creators
  • Web governance
  • Writing for the web

UX Careers Modules

Training Success Story!

FEMA Office of External Affairs Workshop on Creating Usable FEMA Webpages

2 full days of user experience training
50 workshops in DC and 14 states
700 FEMA staff & partners trained

Cory Leading FEMA UX workshop

Feedback from course attendees:

  • “The instructors are a dynamic duo that kept the class fresh & alive with visual stimulation, activities, feedback and constant verbal interaction.”
  • “Very well designed and presented. Excellent instructors.”
  • “Cory & Aviva – Thank you for the awesome class. I would take any training from both of you.”
  • “We were fortunate to have this course taught by someone who has done so much research and understands the direction that the organization is taking technologically.”
  • “Kudos goes to Cory for his excellent content and presentation style!”
  • “The course flowed well, gave solid usable info.”
  • “I feel more empowered to help people by applying what I learned. Very much enjoyed the class!”
  • “Great timing of presentations. Didn’t lag or go too fast!”
  • “Cory’s ability to speak MY language was the most valuable – no techie language. Good usable info.”
  • From Twitter: “In 2nd day of FEMA website usability class by @CoryLebson; definitely 1 of the best FEMA trngs I’ve attended.”