UX Magazine – The Hidden Value of UX Connectors and the Future of Our Community

I was in Austin, Texas recently and, following the rules of UX Adventure, I took the opportunity to coordinate with some Austin UXers to meet at a local bar. On the day of the meetup, I checked my Twitter account and noticed that our rendezvous had been tweeted by something called “AustinUX.org.” I didn’t give [...]

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Diversify Your User Experience Career

Investors are advised to make sure that they have diversity in their portfolio. By diversifying into multiple types of investments and different kinds of industries, there is a safety in knowing that if one type of investment fails, there are other investments that will still succeed. The same is true for User Experience (UX) professionals. [...]

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UX Magazine – These Are My People: The Value in UX Organizations

While at the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) International conference last month in Washington, D.C., I spent a lot of time talking with attendees. I heard all sort of interesting things there, but one simple comment resonated with me: as an attendee looked around the room, she exclaimed: “These are my people!” I realized that [...]

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UX Magazine – UX Adventure: Enhance your resume, improve your career potential, and feel the excitement!

For many of us who have UX careers, it's likely that we find numerous aspects of our work pretty exciting. But exciting work will always wax and wane as UX projects come and go. While your salary may be constant, you may not always enjoy the projects that you are working on. The good news [...]

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Come join me on a UX adventure in 2013!

Update 3/29/13: This blog was the basis for: Article: Lebson, Cory. 2013. "UX Adventure: Enhance your resume, improve your career potential, and feel the excitement!" UX Magazine, Article No. 983. March 22, 2013. Radio Show: Lebson, Cory.  2013. "How to Turn your Tech Career into an Adventure!" IMI Tech Talk (KFNX News-talk Radio 1100, Phoenix, [...]

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On Being a Local UX Leader: Lessons Learned

Back in 2008, although I had been involved in what was then UPA as a member who attended events, my only UX leadership role was in the workplace. Upon switching from being an employee to being a business owner in the middle of that year, I realized that I needed something more. With clients that [...]

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